Weekend Warrior 20 Ways

July 28, 2008

We can all post our 20 ways once for this weekend – counts Friday, Saturday & Sunday….unless someone WANTS to come up with 60 ways to make up for 3 days?  Simply click “comments” and add your list (or log-in and create your own entry as either way counts).

What a wonderful, glory-filled, God-filled weekend it has been!!!  We have much to be thankful for and many blessings to be joyous about.  Can’t wait to read what you have experienced the past few days since we started this, too.  🙂

Here’s to month end and the beginning of another prosperous month for our businesses!!!!


Steph’s List for 7/24 (I have 14 minutes left)

July 25, 2008
  1. Get contract with ***** for $5,000 per month and ********* for $5,000 per month.
  2. Work with ** who will sell $10,000 per month.
  3. Deliver top-rate customer service and highest-quality products and services on a consistent basis.
  4. Sell 3 $3500 website contracts each month. 
  5. Hold 1 seminar each month at $199/each and sign up 50 people.
  6. Sign up 10 clients for $1,000 each.
  7. Hire another salesperson who sells $10,000 per month.
  8. Sell 200 ebooks and 200 eNewsletter subscriptions at $25 each.
  9. Sell 100 ebooks for $100 each on 1260 ways to make $10,000 in 30 days.
  10. Sell 2 full trade show set ups at $5,000 each.
  11. Sell 4 60-second internet HD commercials at $2500 each.
  12. Sign up 200 people on a T1, T2, or T3 through Logix at $500 each.
  13. Set detailed plans each week with detailed goals and achieve those goals each week.
  14. Hold partner accountable and have her hold me accountable for achieving goals and staying on task.
  15. Meet deadlines or meet them early and exceed client’s expectations.
  16. Don’t just be a vendor, be a partner in their success, a resource they can count on.
  17. Take a proactive approach, not a reactive approach.
  18. Take care of my body and my health.
  19. Take time for my family.
  20. Take time for my Lord.

Denai’s Thursday, 7/24 list of 20 ways

July 25, 2008

WHAT A DAY!!! Tomorrow will be a great TGIF but I am really ready for SATURDAY (the big 3-4)…with a wedding to direct & a reception to attend in celebration of the big day – yeah!  Now, on to my list for this THRIVING Thursday:

  1. Implement a self-propelled online marketing machine that uses the Nitro Quattro System to generate sales, leads, and will upsell! (eBooks, CDs/DVDs, eZine subscriptions, etc.)
  2. Promote BEING the entire marketing department for national speaking tours; using our “team of experts” to coordinate the event planning (venue, etc.) – booking 2 tours will get the snowball effect rolling…one is in the process!!!
  3. Finish my FREE eBook (for denaivaughn.com), have it online by the end of August and generating sales using Nitro QUATTRO system).  Continue by converting my eBook to a CD format before Labor Day -Sell 1000 copies by Christmas at $10 each=$10,000!
  4. Create an affiliate program.
  5. List companies we endorse on a “Preferred Provider” page that is distributed to clients.  Coordinate with clients on promotions, specials, referral program, etc.
  6. Learn more about VIRAL MARKETING and implement the successful and applicable strategies into our business plan.
  7. Find events that require EXCLUSIVE invitations to attend and work to get on the guest list.  THESE are the people who can write a check for $3000 and their hand won’t shake…and they will know they are getting a bargain of a deal because we will make them 100x more the asking price in their ROI.
  8. Making & USING a 6 Most Important Things list written out every NIGHT for what I will accomplish the NEXT DAY and share this list with Stephanie so she can hold me accountable!
  9. Write a satisfaction guarantee – what is it, why is it good, how do we determine when the goal has/hasn’t been meet, when does it expire (or does it), etc….
  10. DO what we say we are going to do.  If it is a 1 day or 1 week turnaround, we DO THAT and meet the deadlines we set…or even better, finish EARLY!
  11. Go after repeat business – it is easier to upsell to current customers and sell to them MORE than it is to find new business.
  12. Work with current Marketing Departments to help them improve their businesses & business contacts so they continue to be invaluable to their current organization.  Do this by providing resources, training, mentoring, coaching, synergy sessions, etc. for likeminded individuals to collaborate.
  13. ALWAYS close the sale – 24/7. If you are buying then they have out sold you…and if THEY don’t buy, THEY have out-sold you so STAY ON MY TOES!!!
  14. Keep the pipeline full – have things on the books constantly (today is X, tomorrow is Y, next week is Z, in 2 weeks is X again, in 2 months is ABC, etc.) so there is ALWAYS something on the books and never a “dull day.”
  15. Be willing to do a self-evaluation. Be willing to change based on findings and to end bad habits to make new ones.
    Email Marketing Campaign @ $24.99/month then needs 400 people; add a minimum of 15 new businesses per month to this (10 pair plan…); 4 per week or so…
  17. Platinum Level subscription with findasmallbiz.com needs approx. 4 people/month (1 per week)
  18. Gold Level subscriptions with 8 people/month (2 per week)
  19. Silver Level subscription with 8 people/month (2 per week)
  20. Platinum Level AND Email Marketing Campaign = 3 people/month (discounted rate because the coupon is on our website, ad links to our site, etc.); one per week.

Pat’s list for Thursday July 24th

July 24, 2008

1  Sell 100 copies of my Accelerated Learning DVD on http://www.guaranteedbettergrades.com

2.  Get 10 new clients that I meet with once a week for an hour.

3.  Set up 2 new Mastermind groups with 10 members in each group.

4.  Set up one High end Mastermind with 10 members only with a higher monthly membership.

5.  Set up a 20 member mastermind that meets Quarterly.

6.  Get 100 people into our High Performance Coaching at http://www.bbi-neted.com

7.  Sell 200 copies of my Accelerated learning MP3 downloads at $50 each.

8.  Find 3 clients that want to be a Guru in a specific niche.

9.  Sell 1 Better Business Institute Coaching License.

10.  Sell 500 copies of my book Manifest Success.

11.  Get 10 Press Releases out.

12.  Get booked on 5 Radio shows as a guest.

13.  Sell 3 complete Radio marketing programs where I interview a guest and then produce and place the Radio show on 42 different Social networking sites, burn on 100 cd’s, place in their email and website….

14.  Start a Radio show called “Finding Your Purpose”  Making your Passion Your Profession so you can walk in your Destany.

15.  Send out 1000 postcards to our local database to Promote the Mastermind Group.

16.  Follow with a 7 part email campaign.

17.  Create 3 new Joint Ventures with people that I know that can sell to a list.

18.  Be a guest on 3 Teleclasses and then send the recording to the list.

19.  build a group on Facebook of 1000 people and send out weekly Radio Shows of the Implementers Corner.

20.  Start my our Weekly Teleclass.

There is my first 20 ways to create $10,000 next month.   I hope you will join us with 20 of your own ideas to generate $10,000 in 30 days.

Patrick Dougher

President, Better Business Institute


Get a free copy of Maximum Profit in Minimum Time at http://www.bbi-northamerica.com

list of 20 for Day #1:

July 23, 2008

Today is day numero uno…and we just talked tonight about this. So, share away if you used tonight as a starting point. Or, if you start on July 24th, that’s okay, too.

Don’t forget to include that “what was I thinking, why, how did I come up with that,” etc. which Pat indicated on our conference call.  In 21 days, we will have $10,000 a month coming in – YEAH!! (I have recruited someone to assist with my creativity who DOES make over $10,000 a month so we will see what his brain spews each day – tee hee)

Happy “blogging” and here’s to our S-U-C-C-E-S-S!!!

Hello world!

July 23, 2008

This site is for the intended use of posting your DAILY 20 ways to make $10,000 per month for the next 21 days.  The users of this site will hold each other accountable to achieving the list of our DAILY 20.  We will, in return, receive the profits of our commitment to achieving success through our dedicated efforts…and sharing of ideas.

SHARE AWAY and MAKE IT A GREAT DAY…one that will change your DESTINY!!!